Pass argument with pop-up


I have a problem with a pop-up. So I have one pop-up which create something and I need to pass the id of the newly created item to be passed to the parent screen. I only don't see where the passed argument can be captured and how.

Can someone help me with that?

Hi Brecht Decuyper,

I'd suggest to have a look in this document of OutSystems, where maybe you'll find what you are looking for:

Let us know if you made it!



Hi Brecht,

Which version of OutSystems are you using?

To pass a message to the parent you use the Popup_Editor_Notify Action. In the parent OnNotify screen action (defined in the PopupEditor widget in the parent), you use NotifyGetMessage to get the message. 

You have this information on OS10 documentation and training.

The notification system is marked as DEPRECATED in OS11, but can still be used (just the name of the action will have a _DEPRECATED appended, I think.



Hi Brecht

If you use the OS 11 you can have some information in