Screen action, client or server side?

When i press a button to call a screen action and say that var1 = 1. Is this done on the client side, or the server?


Hi José,

Screen actions run on server. For client side you need to use js.




Hello José,

Just to expand Marcelo's answer.

In a web application, all actions, including Screen Actions, Server Actions and Preparations, run in the server, NOT in the client (browser).

As the server does not keep context between requests (a call to a screen action is a request to the server), when you assign a value to a local variable, the value may or may not be saved automatically in the page's viewstate or database. It will depend if it is a global variable (Session Variables are stored in. DB), a page variable or preparation statement output (will be kept at the Viewstate depending on its use) or a screen/server action local variable (will be discarded).

The less page variables and session variables you use, the better (generically speaking), when we think of application performance.

Hope this helps understand better how things work in OutSystems.