Unable to publish new version

I'm trying to upload a new version of Leaflet for OS10. There currently isn't any version for OS10 so I'm using the OS8 version as base. 

After I uploaded the new version and fill in all required details I'm blocked at the end. I get the following errors;

So I first click on the first error but all seems well. The only thing that is not filled in is the demo link. I can't fill this in since I have no public demo link. The only OS10 environment that I have is from my company and I'm not allowed to place any public endpoints on it. And since this version isn't ready for OS11 yet I can't input any. I also can't export my demo app since IPP is blocking me. 

As for the new information. I filled in a great amount of details (needed to scrap some even due to the maximum length). 

As for the dependencies I get the following "error":

ardoHTTP doens't have a native OS10 component but there is a newer OS11 component so this is probably the trigger. The version (1.2.0) listed is the latest version available for my platform so I don't see an problem. I can solve this by removing the dependency and removing a bit functionality in the legacy part of the application but I would rather not do that. 

Does anyone have any solution for both problems? I'm blocked now and I really want to publish my version.

Hi Vincent, the demo link shouldn't be mandatory. It is indeed an weird scenario. I'll try to have some help from the Forge team, and see how they can help on it.

Hi Joao,

Have you heard anything back yet? I will also make a support ticket for this problem. 

edit: Ticket #2127275


please edit your project details:

 and add a category:

and then back to the draft.

That will fix the "new features" thing. 

BTW, we will improve that experience .

Hi Ana,

I managed to fix the "New Features" error by selecting a category but the error "Dependency Components" is still there. 

<scrapped irrelevant data. What was here was not the issue.. see post below for actual problem details>

I just noticed that when I scroll way down I have an error I didn't spot before. The "Demo Dependencies" are having issue namely;

Leaflet is the name of the component that I'm trying to update in this step. I will remove my demo app and see if that works. I will then edit the app again, add the demo app and see if it then continues.

I have been able to publish the component successfully but am unable to upload the demo app. During the upload of the "new" version I get the error above. Since this is the component the demo has been created for I'm not sure how to progress.

Hi Vincent

it is a bug from our side, that is blocking this upload. We will fix it and I'll get back to you when we fix it.



Hi Ana,

Thank you for the conformation. I will await your update.