After upgrading an enterprise environment from version 10 to version 11, I am attempting to clean up all the errors and warnings in my applications. I attempted to upgrade Silk UI to version 11 from the Forge. I'm getting the warning below. Is this normal? Am I safe to proceed.


Hello Daryl

As we are talking about Silk UI (that is a System component, that you can't change), and you have upgraded the platform recently, I think this is just a warning that there are some modules in Independent Modules that may break and you will have to manually intervene on them. 

I would say that it is pretty safe to do the upgrade, as I think you probably don't have anything important or used by important applications in Independent Modules. But check it anyway.

Usually, we upgrade the DEV environment, fix everything and then when upgrading the other environments we deploy the new versions of everything, that avoids this type of errors in Quality, Production, etc.

Hope this helps you.



Hi Eduardo,

Thank you for your response. I was sure that this was the case. I asked mainly for confirmation due to the changes in SilkUI for version 11. I am also aware that Independent Modules should be used as a 'temporary' holding area for downloaded modules and care should be taken to not allow it to become a permanent resting place. Also, I am in agreement about the recommended upgrade path. All of the previous upgrades I have done usually follow the DEV -> QA -> PROD path as well.

Thanks again for your response,