managing dev, test and production versions of a mobile application on dev devices

How are people managing to discern between the Development, Test and Production versions of a mobile application on the device. The applications versions would all have the same logo? Is there a way to alter the logo based on version?

Hello Paul,

I am not sure, but I think the app icon must be bundled with the application through an archive in the app resources.

Being that the case, it is not possible to have different icons for different environments as it is not possible to have different extensibility configurations per environment, even if there is already an idea for that:

And one specific for the icon:

A possible workaround would be to identify the environment and show the information in the application (at least if the application is not in production) like it is suggested here:

Pay attention that I think this is a SERVER action, so you could force the application to have a login and on the first login (must be online), store this information on a local table and use it from there.