attachments download link listed one line , how to do ?

HI, There, 

One record related to many attachments ,  I want fetch to one line , the format like below :

filename link1 (click to downoad)   downlaod link1 filename link2   downlaod link2 filename link3  downlaod link3

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Hello Jack.

This is what we call a LIST inside a LIST, where you have, probably, a master entity (your record line) and your detail entity (with the links), os a structure list with each record with a list of links.

In any case, you need to use a block with a second list, and place it inside the first list, passing through input parameters the information necessary to the block to fill its list (through passing a list itself, or an id that can fetch the data from an entity, etc).

You have many questions like this in the forum. Some examples.

You could also do this with a single SQL, but this is not very maintainable and I would advise to avoid it. 

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HI , Eduardo , 

Thank you , it seems difference . 

I want fetch attachment links in one line.     I.E

Attachment list : 

attach1  X   attach2  X   attach3 X attch4 X attach 5 X 

The attach* is  the link of the attachments.   X  is the action which it once click , it will delete the attachments. 

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Sorry, but it is very hard to understand your question.

If you have a list that you want to show in a single line, use a List Records with the Line Separator property set to NONE.