Automatic Process

Iam working on the application where i want to activate my beneficiary after 30 mins of addition to the database.Initially it must be in Inactive state while adding, after 30 mins it is has to get activated automatically.for this I have used process with automatic activity and wait time but the process activates the beneficiary immediately after is not activating after 30 mins..Can someone provide the Guidance?

Hi Saravanan,

This post looks somewhat related to this one:

I'm sure there are other ways, but you could use a timer to implement this.

Also maybe this Forge component can come in handy:

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Hi Saravan,

I suggesting some approach for this issue


1) Create a entity for beneficiary with minimum columns(id,name,creation time,Is active)

2)While creating the beneficiary record save the creation time value by adding 30 min to the Current creation time

3)when ever the user select the particular beneficiary, pass the beneficiary id to aggregate and filter the result based on "Is active" Flag if the list is empty, Then check the difference between current time and creation time saved in the database if the difference value is greater than or equal to 30 mins then set the "Is Active" Flag to true  and save the record ,otherwise show the error saying that the beneficiary is not actived.

Hope this will help you.