problemas instalação platform server versão 10

Estou fazendo a instalação de um ambiente com a versão 10 em windows server 2012 com banco de dados oracle 11g. Ao ir para o passo final do apply and exit, o configuration tool apresenta o erro detalhado na imagem anexada. Já conferimos as configurações do banco e do servidor e aparentemente está tudo correto mas o erro continua. Não tenho acesso ao banco apenas orientei a pessoa responsável por ele a como conferir. Alguém já solucionou esse tipo de erro?

Hello João,

It is better to write your posts in English, as most of the people that help in the forum does not understand Portuguese.

I don't know what is causing the error, but try to ask the DBM if he has the R2 version, as it is required, if I am not mistaken.


Hello. The version is correct, 11g R2. You are right Eduardo, here is the problem in english. Thanks.

I am installing an environment with version 10 on windows server 2012 with oracle 11g database. When going to the final step of apply and exit, the configuration tool displays the detailed error in the attached image. We already checked the database and server settings and apparently everything is correct but the error continues. I do not have access to the database, I just directed the person responsible for it how to check it out. Has anyone solved this kind of error?

Hi João,

Personally, I never saw that error. Was it during a first install or upgrade? Meaning, is it being done on top of a clean database? Did you or someone recently change something in the database engine (some maintenance activities, cleaned up something, applied some patch, ...)? 

As usual, you should contact the support in this kind of issues. Did you already do that? 


Hi. Is a first install but i don't know if the database is clean, i don´t have acess to him. A support ticket is open in outsystems. 

Thanks Tiago.