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Published on 21 Feb by Alexandre Costa
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Published on 21 Feb by Alexandre Costa

Is there documentation on step-by-step configuration and installation that is external to the module itself? I have both the plugin and the main module installed (I believe) in Lifetime but when I go to https://MY_LIFETIME_SERVER/LifetimeIdPClient I get a 404 - can't seem to find comprehensive instructions anywhere - advice is greatly appreciated.

I'm on Outsystems 10 waiting for an upgrade.

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Hi did you change the https://MY_LIFETIME_SERVER/ with 

https://<your outsytems lifetime url> ?

Yes, I did, and I got a 404, so obviously I do not even have it installed correctly, ever though I see both modules when I go to the lifetime server - I do not see the SAML box under the environment box as shown in your image... I'm new to Outsystems and have only deployed client facing apps... I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, so I was just looking for a step-by-step guide to something that is probably intuitive to users with more experience.