Simply i'd like to Pass RecordList.List to generic list in C# by passing it to extension.

I have developed a class library in c# to convert list to DataTable to use it in some functions.

I;ve tested that dll at web and worked fine.

I've noticed that the generic list from c# couldn't use it as extension. 

So how to pass RecordList.List to my dll, or which type equivalent to RecordList.List to use in c#

You could try to create a structure which holds a list of key->value pairs.
This way outsystems is able to handle it and you can use it as a generic list in C.

Your return value needs to be something that outsystem can handle though. I assume you return a string or something?

There is a datatables component available, it might be easier to use that instead?


Check out the extension ArdoJSON code.There is a method JSON2RecordList in that extension where they pass a record list of an OutSystems structure to the extension. 

This is done by casting the record list as an Object type using the ToObject() method.

In the C# world you can cast it as IOSList and use it. 

IOSList rl = (IOSList)ssRecordList;

The code in the ArdoJSON extension should give you a good idea on how to proceed with your problem. 

Hope this helps !!!

The case exactly that I would like to pass data form RecordList that filled from Entity, so i need only previewed data from RecordList widget and passing this list to third party to convert this list to PDF.

so I want to print out or export previewed data as PDF, not all web page.

Why integration studio doesn't see methods with parameters of type generic List<T>.

How to pass data or lists to custom solution wherever what i need to do?

tried to convert RecordList.list to object but doesn't give me the result i need from other side in c#.