Implementing API keys into pop up balloons

Ver: Outsystems 11 on-premises

I have completed the "developing web applications (Outsystems 11)" course, and I am now experimenting with further improvements.

I want to implement a balloon that displays a thumbnail image (taken from via REST) of a person when the mouse pointer hovers over the "name" expression on the People screen.

I am using the existing REST function to lift the image and place it in the balloon content, but the image displayed is the same for every name in the list - in my app, everyone is Harrison Ford.

I can see that the problem is the lack of input parameter; the logic works fine on both MovieDetail and PersonDetail screens

I can see that there needs to be a connection between the list record name, and the balloon image; is it possible to achieve this without an input parameter?

This image is type external; with URL:

Site.TheMovieDB_BaseURL + GetPersonInfo.Response.Results.Current.Profile_path

Hi. If you could share the OML of your application, that would be helpful in troubleshooting.



See attached.

Thanks. L