Ver: Outsystems 11 on-premises

I have completed the "developing web applications (Outsystems 11)" course, and I am now experimenting with further improvements.

I want to implement a balloon that displays a thumbnail image (taken from via REST) of a person when the mouse pointer hovers over the "name" expression on the People screen.

I am using the existing REST function to lift the image and place it in the balloon content, but the image displayed is the same for every name in the list - in my app, everyone is Harrison Ford.

I can see that the problem is the lack of input parameter; the logic works fine on both MovieDetail and PersonDetail screens

I can see that there needs to be a connection between the list record name, and the balloon image; is it possible to achieve this without an input parameter?

This image is type external; with URL:

Site.TheMovieDB_BaseURL + GetPersonInfo.Response.Results.Current.Profile_path

Hi. If you could share the OML of your application, that would be helpful in troubleshooting.



See attached.

Thanks. L


Further info on this - I now see that the code is applying the image of the first person listed in the People entity. 

Originally, Harrison Ford was the thumbnail as it was the first record entered into this entity.

Since implementing a sort function, Christian Bale is the first record, and a thumbnail of him appears for all entries when sorted A-Z.

When sorted Z-A, no image appears: Janet Tebrooke is first in this sort, and there is no image of her on TMDB for the REST function to call.

Am I correct in believing that an SQL query would be needed in the screen preparation to summon the correct image for each name?

Thanks. L