Where is popup_Editor_notify Action

On the training video, there is an notify widget that allows messages to be sent to the parent screen. However, when scroll thru (or search) the available actions it is nowhere to be found.

Any help?

Hi Roland,

You can find it inside rich widgets.

If Its Notify you will find inside of systems module in dependencies



Do manage dependencies and you find the deprecated_notify action. 

If I am not wrong you are doing your training on Outsystems 11?

Hope this helps!!!

Hi Roland,

If you're training in platform 11 you can take the course for platform 11 (where you work with events for this case and not notifies):https://www.outsystems.com/learn/courses/114/developing-web-apps-outsystems-11/



Wow, so many responses with helpful advice. Awesome!

Problem solved!

Thank you for all your help.