how to create an images list webblock


how can i easily can create a web block that rendering an images list from a record list?


Your question is so generic...

Where your images is saved ? 

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You can try to create a sample screen from the screen templates and look at the code to understand how to do it 



Hi Shahar Zion!

if you have SILK UI in your app, you could use a dynamic carousel. You need to put a list record with images that you want to show, inside the carousel widget like as explained here:

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Nuno Pereira

Hey guys, sorry for the late response. 

Eventually i solved it. I needed a web block that gets 2 params, 1 param is the source image list and the second is a static list hold the images names to filter from the source liat. The static list was a thinking challenge but it was solved.

I'll use your references anyway.