Editable Table - values entered disappear when losing focus

Can anyone tell me why an editable table which has 2 fields, whenever you enter a value in the editable fields and click on the tick icon, when you then click on (or tab to) another field (i.e. it loses focus), the text entered in the previous field deletes?  It disappears before running OnRowSave and never reappears.  What am I missing?

Can you share more information on how you have this set up? Or share an example as an OML file?

I just ran a quick test, and with an Editable table bound to an aggregate result list on latest platform, I'm not seeing the behavior you describe.

Depending on whether you have a sort on your aggregate, and how much data you have, is it possible that the record is still there, but just not at the end of the editable table? When I tested, if I refreshed the page, the new row was no longer at the end of the table.

I've thrown together some data just for playing around with (hardcoded) and have attached the OML.

Many thanks!

The OML you posted has a dependency on what appears to be an internal component that houses your data model, and if I remove that dependency, the flows are broken. Not seeing anything hard-coded.

Have you tried creating something from scratch, separate from your main data model, to see whether you can reproduce the issue in an isolated example project?

It's hard coded as in I hard code the data going into the table rather than reading it from a data source.  I didn't manage to recreate it when not using my own core data model, however I can recreate when using it.  The question is, why would my data model cause this to be happening?

Many thanks for your time!

Unfortunately, without having access to the data model, it's not possible to state for certain what's happening. I would check for errors in the browser console, perhaps there's some issue with the data that is preventing it from being saved.

I'd also recommend that you consider working with your customer (or partner) success manager.

I created another editable table on the same page in the same way with the same data, except I dragged the entire entity onto it and then deleted unwanted attributes and it works but the other one still doesnt!?  On the other one I dragged only the desired attributes to the table and I don't know why that would make a difference but it has, or maybe that is just a red herring and there is something else going on?  Anyway for whatever reason, at least I got it working now and that's the most important thing.  And thanks for trying to help, still much appreciated!