So I'm having a problem consuming a REST method. It is a POST method that expects the following request structure: 

All my calls were failing so, after much debugging, I was able to find out that the problem was with the "Input:{}" part of the request. The API requires the structure to be exactly like the one in the image in order to get a successful result (I tested it using Postman). The problem is that, because the "input" field is empty, the structure outsystems generates looks like this:

The UserData struct is well defined, but there is no input struct. I can't create my own structure or fix this one because, as far as I'm aware, there is no way to create a structure without at least one attribute. Does anyone have an idea on how to get around this problem?

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Does the "Input" parameter to the REST API expect some value other than an empty object? The problem is that without a definition of what the object should look like, the platform can't generate the proper structure.

Could you leverage the On Before Request handler to modify the payload so that you are able to pass what the API requires?