Offline data sync: All triggers avoided when using open in browser

I ran into trouble while testing offline data synchronisation. I have a static entity in DB which is synced to a local entity (read only). While testing I got an index out of bounds error, while debugging I got no error.

It turns out that Local data is not synchronised when the blue button Open in browser is used, even with all parameters in OfflineDataSyncConfiguration set to true.

 SynchOnOnline doesn't trigger (since user is already online).

SynchOnLogin doesn't trigger (since user is already logged in).

SynchOnResume doesn't trigger (I would expect this one to trigger).

I know none were triggered since I don't see Executing ServerdataSync in the general log.

I wonder if this is expected behaviour, I couldn't find any documentation on this issue.

I hope it can never occur in live applications, it seems like it only happens with Open in browser.


This is expected behavior. The application did NOT "resume" that is a special state on a phone, triggered under certain conditions, which are not going to happen in a desktop Web browser.