I have a screen where users can type an email message. I want to enable them to use 'textblocks', predefined pieces of text, like a signature or a standard piece of troubleshooting information. So they would click on a textblock, and it will insert the contents of that textblock from the database into the textfield they are typing in. This could be a few words or a whole message.

However, they shouldn't always append to the end of the message. If the user puts the cursor in the middle of the text, and clicks the button, the textblock should insert on that position. 

Is there a way that I can manipulate the string to get the result I need? 

Thanks in advance!

Take a look at this.

I am guessing you are using some Advanced word like Editor ?

I also am Assuming you are using some kind of Floating Action button or something to trigger the text Input to the Caret Position. The Example I gave you is just to add the Text at Caret.


Check out the extension String Utils that has a method Insert() to manipulate the string as per your requirement.