OSSYS tablespace issue in production stores


We have noticed that OSSYS tablespace is getting occupied often in all our production stores. Because of this we turning of the outsystems in the production stores.

After the analysis we understood that there are espace details are saved in below table which is causing this issue and in that many of the espaces are not used any more in the store.


Kindly clarify the below things

If we delete the unused espaces through database table will there be any problem to the exiting environment and applications?

is there any automated job available to delete unused espaces in outsystems platform on regular basis?

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Hi Kiran,

You can clean up old eSpace versions via Service Center (Factory tab - eSpace tab).

Refer to this link (under “Free up system data”):


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Hi Nordin,

I need to do this for 1000+ stores. goting to srvicecenter for each store and cleaning is difficult task.

is there any automated way to clear the data across multiple stores?

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