Do we have any plugin for GeoFencing in Web Application?

I have searched few Forge plugins, but they are for mobile application.

If you could suggest any for web application, it would be great.




What do you want to do?

The concept GeoFencing normally is used in mobile because allow you know when someone enters or leaves the defined geographic location.


yes, I want to implement the same feature for my web application.

I want my web application should be accessed from certain locations only.


You know there are programs that handle sites with region restriction. 

As for example the Ultrasurf.

Check the answer of assif_tiger in https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/44915/web-device-location/

Have Fun!

Hi Hemlata,

You could take a look at the HTML5 Goodies component, it has some geolocation Actions. Actial geofencing doesn't seem to exist as a Forge component for web, so you'd have to create this yourself.