Map an e-space to externally created database schema


I have an on premise environment and OutSystems server is connected to an oracle database. My requirement is to create another e-space mapped to a new schema/catalog on same database. I got one schema/catalog created by the DBA NOT following the instructions in the below link.

Now, when I try to move my e-space which at the moment does not have any database entities following the instructions in below link, the new schema does not show up in Catalogs list.

I believe if the catalog was created following the OutSystems way it would have shown up in Service Center. Given the current situation, I am trying to get it working with the same catalog that has been created outside the OutSystems, please let me know if there are ways to do it.




Since the schema is already created you just need to configure it on the Outsystems. Try to do all the steps and skip the part of run the script on the database. And than test the connection. To be honest I don't know if this will work because I don't know if you DBA created everything as Outsystems needs.But if there is a way is like this.

If this doesn't work I recommended you to create the schema following all the steps.



Hello Marcelo, I tried that but it did not work as necessary entities were not present on that schema. I am now getting a new schema created as OutSystems suggests.