Dear All,

In my prod environment, 95% of the OSSYS has been filled. This has already happened few times in the past where DBA has been called to increase the memory for tablespace. At the moment I can't ask DBA to increase tablespace as we have reached the higher limit.

So the option I have is, housekeep the data saved in OSSYS tablespace.

I know that OSSYS contains the espaces, data definition and system tables. but I need to get rid of unwanted data like older epaces and logs. Also I need to have a timer to housekeep the OSSYS data down the line.

Could you guide me what are the data that I could remove to save the space in OSSYS? 


Arunkumar Balu


I normally I use this component to clean up the database. I think the most important to clean up are espaces versions and old processes. But with this component you can also check what is consuming the most space.