Get an excel file in a shared folder - FileSystem


I'm trying to get an excel file that is inside a folder in a local shared network. i can access to it in my documents, using its IP address or using its name, like, "fileserver".

I tried to test if i can reach that server, or directory, using the FileSystem - Action Directory_Exists. I'm using the Path: "\\fileserver\name_of_folder". 

i always receive false as an answer. How can i access that local network folder?


Are you trying to access this using a timer? A web browser? Is your platform installed on your own servers or in the cloud?  It sounds like a general connectivity/permissions things.

Hello André, 

As Stacey said, it can be permissions stuff indeed. I've only done something identical with the SFTP xif actions, have you tried with those ones?

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So, i believe i don't have the permissions. Thanks.

So, What about accessing a file in my computer, like c:\teste. How can i access it?


Hello André, 

I think that this answer from Kilian is what you need to know.

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Hi André Portugal,

You need to give iis permissions iis_iusrs =)

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