Outsystem time(Time) to sales force time type(xsd:time)

Hi All,

I am connecting salesforce db from outsystem while inserting out system time to sales force(xsd:time) time value 

is not been inserted in salesforce just show the empty value.

Please share me the solution to resolve this issue

Hi Ganeshkumar Chelladurai,

How are you integrating the SalesForce database with OutSystems? It seems you are using a SOAP web-service? As far as I can tell, XSD time datatype is compatible with OutSystems' own Time datatype representation (HH:mm:ss).

Are you able to modify other fields in SalesForce, and only the time is showing up empty? What value are you trying to assign? Are there any logs either in the OutSystems logs or SalesForce logs showing any errors?