Hi all,

how to refresh table after clicking on sorting icon


The sort icon (List_SortColumn widget) has an event called OnNotify. In the Screen Action associated, just do a Data Refresh in the Source of the Table/List records, and then an Ajax Refresh in the Table/List record itself.

This is explained here: https://www.outsystems.com/learn/lesson/1755/advanced-ui-patterns/?LearningPathId=2


Hi Rohan,

By using Ajax Refresh you refresh your table.

By the above logic, you can search, sort and filter your table.



hi rohan,

You can just give this action on OnClick of the that icon.


after sorting if i click on the home page i need to refresh the table

ex:i have 3 fields 

1)name 2)role 3)age

PS:by default im displaying name by desc order,

when i sort the age field and click on the home page. i need to display records name by desc order

Hi Ronan,

How are you sorting your data? Are you using dynamic sorting? Are you using Local variables to hold the sorting criteria (will be reset if you navigate anywhere) or Session variables (will keep their values as long as the user keeps interacting with your application)?


I am just applying dynamic sorting