I want to Apply Content Security Policy for one of my application, but I am getting below error while loading a video file onto one of our page:

Content Security Policy: The page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource at blob:https://mywebsitename.com/ced672a9-1e52-4bd2-b20b-20e6a011e19b (“child-src”).


Actually, I have a Azure Media Player, on this screen and I am loading a video file from Amazon Cloud storage.

I have tried setting all the properties in CSP:


But it did not help.

It would be great if anyone could guide me in this regards,



Hello Hemlata Nerurkar

Just to verify have you also set the child-src to 'self' as well ?

and some browsers will still block blobs from being loaded even if self is allowed. 

Then you will need to set a additional attribute of blob:

additionally the use of the child-src is being depracted and is being replaced by the frame-src directive. And that one needs to be identical to your child-src at least for this purpose.

However you can still use it.

With kind regards,