How to Register Outsystems 11 environment on SSL offloading

Hi All,

We have a hybrid deployment where the Lifetime server is hosted in Outsystems cloud and there are on premise environments that will be connected to it. there is a site-to-site VPN already established between the two sites. 

The Outsystems environment is composed of 2 servers ( 1 deployment controller + front end + 1 front end ). These 2 servers are load balanced to a Virtual IP and then the SSL is configured as SSL offloading in a web application firewall with a reverse proxy.

We are now trying to register the on-premise environment to Lifetime but are unsuccessful.

I've found in the documentation that there are 2 more steps needed to be done but I am unsure since it just states that it is for applications.

Just wanted to confirm on this if ever anyone had the same experience, that this are the steps taken to be able to register to Lifetime