Integration Studio: External Databases and C# Code online courses


We recently released a set of online courses about Integration Studio. These courses showcase some of the things that can be done to extend the capabilities of the OutSystems platform.

The courses are the following:

Integration Studio Overview (link)
Learn what is Integration Studio and what features does it bring to the OutSystems platform.
Also, learn how to set it up and configure it to get started.

Using C# Code (link)
Learn how you can leverage Integration Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio to extend the capabilities of the OutSystems platform.
This course includes a series of practical examples that enable you to integrate with an existing NuGet package, work with compound types (lists and structures), and manipulate record lists.

Integrating with External Databases (link)
Do you have a database full of data and need to use it inside Service Studio without importing everything? No problem, this course goes over the process to connect to an existing database and then working with the data directly in the external database.

Let us know if you have any feedback!

Miguel Domingues

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Good and Useful post !!


Pramod Jain

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Quick question regarding the first course (overview). The lesson materials for download on the second part of the course link to a pdf that is about using a NuGet Package rather than installing and using VS and IS, is this correct? If so the oml file is missing from the download.