I'm using the file plugin to download an image using save file action.  When im trying to save the file, im getting a error saying "cannot read property 'getDirectory of null'. im attaching a screenshot of my screen below. 


Hi Charles

It appears you are creating a directory before hand and sending this to SaveFile and this seems to be giving you this error.  

SaveFile , has a Path parameter which will create the directory if does not exist.  Please try this approach and check if this solves the issue. 

Hope this helps !!!



When I am trying to save file onto device using file plugin I am getting the following error:

"Failed to execute 'atob' on 'Window': The string to be decoded contains characters outside of the Latin1 range."

I my scenario I have to get the file content from API response and convert the response from base64 to binary. After converting I am giving the binary data as input to save file action of file plugin to save the respective file in the device data. But I am getting the above error.

Can you please help me resolve the error.

Thanks in advance.