Using pagination to navigate images

I plan to use pagination to navigate images, the feature would look like:

<<     <   Page 1 of 2  >    >>

How can I go on to implement this?

you could use the caroussel pattern:

with List_Navigation to control these images.

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Nuno Pereira


What is your requirement? Is this for WEB or MOBILE?

If you just need to show a bunch of images, a carousel alone may suit your needs, without the need to use a pagination system.

If the images come from the database, you can do exactly what you would do for normal data, using a List Records and an aggregate widget in the preparation (in the case of a web application), but showing the image instead of other data, and set the List Line Count to 1.

In any case, as the page advances the system will load ALL previous records, I recommend to you to properly set the caching of the images, to prevent downloading the images every time, and let the images in a separate entity, fetching only the images IDs to use in the image widget.