How to see an image from local database

I am making a mobile application and the image address is allocated in the oracle database with directory pointing to another local server where it contains the image, an example of the path would be:

"\\srv-suica.local\ erp\products\temcodigo\7.PNG".

How can I access this path and display it on my screen?


Hi Deise  Silva!

The image is in inside of some table ? if yes, you have to do a query to your database to get the record with your image that is in binary data type and then put a show record widget in your screen, which source record is the output of your query.


drag and drop an image widget and set the type of the image to "Database", set the attribute of your table and the entity identifier that have to be of binary data type:

I hope it could help you!

Best Regards,

Nuno Pereira

Hi Deise  Silva,

I suggest to take a look into this post:

Maybe you can do something like: <img src="https://server/espace/img.aspx?name=7.png">



Have you used File_readBinary action to get the file ?

Just an idea. 



Hi, the images are stored in the database but the type is text, they aren't Binary.

And we don't have the http request, just the local link.



You can convert the text into a binary file with: 

Hope it helps.