Add new without change the action

How can I add new role and the user can grant/revoke new role without add more role action in the logic.

So this is what I got so far

This is all the role. So whenever I added new role in the role list.It shows right here BUT it does not have the logic of old role. AND

I think I should have these action for checking. But the PROBLEM I think I get stuck. I dont know iterate through all the list and check role and how I can use check box with this. 

Any suggestion would be appriciate

And this is in my logic

I have an idea that can be of help to you. Instead of controlling the application role based in user role directly . You can create an role and access mapping entity that where you can store the access logic and and can update it using the application itself .  

Follow the below steps:

1. Create a entity that will store the roles 

2. Create a static entity for role access type (None,Read,Write)

3. Create an entity for storing the permission for each role. you can create a master page that where you can manipulate the role and access 

I hope this can of use to you.

Points To Be Noted :

1. You can add new role only from the logic tab.

2. You can add new users from the /Users pages 

3. In order to make role creation dynamic . you need to create your own role logic in the application which you can manipulate form the application itself ( sample logic : admin can add new roles and grant access logic to it).

Happy helping.. :)