How to use googlesheet as database for mobile application?

May i know if it is possible to use googlesheet as database for outsystem mobile application? How can i go about doing it?

Are you looking to use it as an actual database, meaning with aggregates support and all?  If so, no you cannot do this as it is not something that Google supports, nor is it something that OutSystems supports.

If you just want to use server actions to simulate a database, you can use the Google Sheets Connector

I am thinking of linking data from googlesheet and presenting it in the mobile application. Like what the other platform 'Appsheet' does.

Confirm i can use the Google Sheets Connector to do the same for mobile application?

Yes, you can, however you would have to use the actions in the available component to load and store data into structures that your mobile application could then leverage.  It will take some manual effort, but it is doable.

Hello, is there any video tutorial to teach how to do it? im not sure how can i link it. thanks in advance!