Connecting Outsystems entities to Visual Studio

On Outsystems 11, I have a table that contains some data in a mobile app.

Now, I need to make sure that Visual Studio can read (writing is not needed) the data that is on the server. I tried using the Integration Studio, but it wouldn't show the tables I had already made.

How would I be able to do this?


1. You mention data "on mobile", but asks for data on server. Are your data on a LOCAL storage in mobile, or in the server storage?

2. Assuming you're talking about server storage, are your "Visual Studio" in the Server or in your machine?

3. Are your OutSystems environment a Personal or an Enterprise? Is on cloud or is on premises? 

4. What are you trying to achieve?



1. The data is stored in the server storage.

2. The Visual Studio is running locally on a machine

3. I am using a personal environment in the server

4. In the app you can set whether you are available or you don't want to be disturbed, what gets saved on the Server storage. We have connected Visual Studio to an Arduino to show with LEDs beside a list of all people whether they are available or don't want to get disturbed. Now we only have to make sure Visual Studio can read the data in the table.

I hope I clarified this enough,

Michaèl Kersten



It is simply not possible to access the Database of a Personal Environment from outside the Server, so, you can't connect it to the Visual Studio.

You could use an external database, import it through the Integration Studio and use it instead of the PE database in your mobile application. This way, if your external DB can be reached by VS, you can do what you want.

Other than that, you probably would have to create (expose) an API (REST or SOAP) and consume it in VS or in an application to get the data from the DB and use it to control the Arduino.



Exactly what Eduardo said - I think easiest way to achieve your targets would be to expose REST or SOAP API from OutSystems and then consume that from your Visual Studio project. This way, you could have a list of leds(=users) with boolean statuses as a response, for example. Another viable option (as Eduardo said) would be to use external database instead of OS Personal Environment's provided one through Integration studio.

If you are, for some reason referring to OutSystems Extension which should have access to OutSystems database, there's Outsystems has RuntimePublic.Db API which you can use.