web application fail

When I am trying to publish my web application,it is failed with following error

Deploymnet Failed: "Error broadcasting message to Front-end Server S4WEG-LT6B01 ( (0x80004005): No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it"

Please help me.

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The message says the FE can't be reached. There is not much we can do here.
Best is to open a support ticket. 




If the infrastructure is a on premisses, this means probably that the ports are not open (bad configuration during system installation).

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thanks you

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As an FYI:
We are in the process of migrating our servers to a new Cloud environment, and we had issues in this area.  (We were getting the same error message)
We found:

  1. Ports 12001 / 12002 were not open because the the deployment related Outsystems services were not running. (Not the whole story!)  (we were testing if the ports were available by establishing a telnet connection to the server on the specific ports..)
  2. Migrating to new cloud servers, keeping server names but changing IP addresses resulted in License files being invalidated, and we needed new licence files for the updated "Serial Number" related to the new environment.
  3. After uploading new license files, you should reboot the server to start everything afresh. 
  4. New IP addresses meant we had to update / check settings in the Outsystems Configuration tool.  The Network tab had a local IP address from the old environment, we had to update this..
  5. After updating details in the config tool you should probably reboot..

At this point we have managed to test all non production environments satisfactorily..

We are having issues with our Production environment however and will log a support ticket related to those issues.

(In Prod the firm that set up our Outsystems Config Tool set all of the Database server connections up using IP addresses and not server names.  I have updated these and also the Local IP address in the Networks tab of the Config tool.  Unfortunately I cant bring Service Centre up (before or after the config changes) and I am eventually getting a strange database connection error... - Not expecting anyone to resolve this issue here)