What should be the correct source record to the form?

I have 4 screens:
- 1 with a list of users (Users)
- 1 to create/edit an user (UserDetail)
- 1 with a list of posts (Posts)
- 1 to create/edit a post (PostDetail)

In the PostDetail screen to create a new post the user should select an user from a combo box and then fill the other fields and click "Save". This is working.

But if the user wants there is a button "Add User", this button should open a popup in the same PostDetail screen to create the user and then the popup should close and the user should appear in the select menu of the PostDetail screen. 

So in the button destionation value I created a new screen "AddUser" and for the RichWidgets\Popup_Editor the "LinkOrButtonWidgetId" property is the button AddUser.id. In the popup widget destination i created the action "AddUser".

Then in the newly created "AddUser" screen I add a "UserForm" form to it with the inputs to create the user, but in this case what should be the Source Record of the form? The UserDetail screen have the the UserForm and the Source Record is "GetUserById.List.Current", but in this case in the "AddUser" screen there is no list.


Hello John,

As this is just a simple ADD screen (no need to edit the user data), you can just create a local variable of the User data type in the popup page and use it as source.