I have completed OutSystems 10 training.

Just about to start the Booking web application. Found out that training vor V11 is out.

How much difference is there. Do I need to start again?

Hi Ivan, 

If you are working in a O11 environment qith a WEB application, I recomend you to switch to the new training. Review the presentation about the Web Blocks, as the Notification System was deprecated and now we are woking with the Event System, the same as in Mobile (is a new thing in O11 relative to the O10). Also on the new Screen Templates (Accelerating UI development).

Also, Now the visual part is attached to the OutSystems UI that replaces the Silk UI, so I really recommend you to do the exercise of the training in 11 if you are using an 11 environment.

The presentations were improved also, but other than that, not that many changes in the language itself.