Movie details are inserted in DB as empty ""

I have a a screen where there is a button "Create Movie". When this button is clicked it opens a popup with fields to create a new movie. When the user click "Save" to create a new movie the popup should close.

So the "CreateMovie" button has the destination value as "MainFlow\AddMovie" and a popup_editor associated with it.

In the  the popup, the user insert the fields and click "Save", the "Save" button is associated with the "SaveMovie" action. In this action I have:
    1) an entity action "CreateMovie"
    2) a "Popup_Editor_Notify" with argument NewMovieForm.Record.Name,
    3) a Popup_Editor_close.

The issue is that after the user fill all fields in the popup and click "Save" all fields are saved in the database with empty value "", only the id of the movie is inserted  without being empty, the title and the other fields are "".

Using the Debug in the Popup_Editor_Notify  appears:
NewMovieForm.Record.Title ""

Hi John,

can you share your module with us so we can check it? if its not possible some print screens of the popup and the save action would be nice.




Hello John K,
That's because you are probably using the wrong source in the entity action "CreateMovie". 

Your popup has probably a Form that is bonded to the aggregate that you have in the preparation of this popup. 

That form should be the one to use when defining the source of the action "CreateMovie".

Hope this helps, let us know if you need further help.

Best Regards


In your popup input's for title and other fields, you have to fill them in the variable property with the attribute of the record that you are using into the Create Movie Action. You need to include your inputs inside of a form widget to do this.

Such like:

I hope it could helps you!

Thanks and Best regards,

Nuno Pereira