Downloaded Task Manager from Forge Question how to publish and use

Hello I am new to outsystems using 11.0 Service Studio, downloaded the sample Task Manager from Forge. 

I see this warning 

Reminder: "The system Login action is used here exclusively to support the Sample User scenario. This action should not be used lightly, as it allows a user to login without providing credentials. For End User Login, use login actions from the users module instead. " 

Unexpected Login: "Please consider using login actions from the module 'Users'"

What does this mean? How do we fix this warring? Is it recommended to fix warnings? 

When I do the one click publish of the Task Manager application the screen does not show up, I get this message, 'You do not have permissions to view the required screen' 

Thank you,

Hi Sushma,

If you can see it already provides a possible solution, use the Login action available on the Users Module instead of the one in under System.

To enter the application you will need to login with a user that has the correct permission (role) to access.

I also advise you to watch the videos and do the exercises available here.

Thank you for getting back, does it mean we user the LoginUser Action Like below? 

How do we Enter the UserName and Password as an Expression? Do we need to save that in our tables? 

That will be the inputs provided in the login screen.

But like mentioned in my previous post please check the Guided Paths in Learn, you can start in the Becoming a Web Developer and Becoming a Mobile Developer.