XML Payload optimization without outsystem's extension

Hi Team,

Appreciate a help !

I have a requirement of optimizing services request response ( XML or JSON )  basis of user request from Out system's user interface. May i know is there any way i can optimize payload( Optimize means, change tags and values etc) with out using extensions.

I can do detailed explanations through screen share if required more information! 




Hey Ranjith,

Not using any extensions is an interesting requirement, may I ask why you cannot use one?

Aside from that, is a JavaScript based solution acceptable?  Or are you looking for pure OutSystems server side?

Hi Jean,

Thanks for your reply

The reason that we don't want to use  extension is, we don't have any expertise in .NET ( Since outsytems wont support java from version 11 onwards)

I prefer  pure OutSystems server side. If not I can think of JavaScript based solution

Can we have a call if you have time , so that I can show you what I am looking exactly?