Binary Data Missed While Passing Record from One Entity to Another

Hi OS gurus,

I have two entities on hand. 

Entity A is used for temp repo storing uploaded file information

  • File Name - Text
  • File Content - Binary
  • File Type - Text

Entity B is the final target entity where I save the uploaded file.

While I was passing the data from Entity A to Entity B by using Assign action (beforehand I used the Aggregate to get the List of Entity A), Name and Type were well handled, but Binary data was lost in the process.

Any hints? Thanks.

Were you possibly doing an AJAX refresh?

Stacey Levine wrote:

Were you possibly doing an AJAX refresh?

Hi Stacey,

You are correct. I was using the File Upload component from the Forge, in which there was AJAX refresh.

But I debugged the process, before the AJAX refresh, the data has been stored into my entities. How would the AJAX refresh make any difference in here?


You cant do an ajax refresh on file upload. Try it without..