[Multipart/form-data] Sending a structure as one of the fields
Forge component by Kilian Hekhuis
Published on 06 Sep 2019


So I need to consume a REST API method that can use form-data. 

I was able to send a request sucessfully with for example a normal parameter and a binary parameter.

The thing is, I would like to send a structure also using this forge component. Is it possible? Im trying to do it and the message binary of the request ( converted to text ) looks like this:

The blue square is the part that Im trying to send as a structure... Is it possible for me to accomplish this? Tell me if you need more info



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I was able to solve this. I will explain my use case because probably it can apply to someone. I have a REST API method that I must consume which can use both JSON or FORM-DATA as request format and its basically to upload a file. In the API description the properties can be set like this:

But they also say that I can use FORM-DATA to upload the file content. So I used the forge component referred in the topic title and I was able to do upload the file content and the basic parameters like "name" and "nodeType".

From what I thought, the structure of the request If I wanted to send properties should be like the one in the image of my first post. I tried it and wasn't being able to add any of the properties.

So what I tried was to simply add one of the property for example "cm:description" like if it was a simple parameter like this:

And it worked perfectly,

MP if you need any help of this kind

Best wishes


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Hi Vincent,

Great to hear you got it solved. Things like these are pretty API-dependent, so it's always difficult to figure out how to do it.