Enigma - identical page in 2 different modules, one works but the other doesn't.

I have cut and pasted a homepage web screen from one module to another and one works and the other doesn't.  All it does is call 3 actions via a test button.  The actions are from external sources and they're both using the same dependencies and both using the latest version of them.

Does anyone have any ideas why this might be happening??

Hi Sienna,

Could you maybe share an OML?
What exactly does not work? Does the page load properly? Or does the button not seem to execute the underlying 3 actions?

Kind regards,


Everything works except for one action (which is a function I wrote in C#).  That action works in all other modules except this one.

I've spent way too much time on this problem already, so what I've done as a work around is copy the entire contents of the original module into a new module and the action works just fine.

Has left me scratching my head though as to why it doesn't work in the original module because all the dependency versions are identical.

For the record, what I did to resolve the problem was literally copy and paste the entire contents of the module into a new module and it worked.  I did absolutely nothing else other than a copy and paste, so I've no idea what the problem could have been - very weird!!