SOAP Outsystems server goes to proxy for local addresses - error 502

We have a soap URL that is supposed to connect to a server on our local network. We can connect to the SOAP server if we use the browser on the server.

When we go via Outsystems the systems tries to go out to the internet and not the local network resulting in an error 502 - Bad gateway. 

How does Outsystems resolve the URL and call the server?

Hi Chris,

What you have to remember is that it's the OutSystems server calling the web service, so you have to make sure that it can reach it.

Also, if you created the web service actions using a WSDL file on your PC, and not by entering the URL for its WSDL, make sure that the web service end point is correctly set here:

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My apologies, it is actually a rest call and not a SOAP call. The machine on which Outsystems is can reach the URL fine. It resolves the URL for a machine on the LAN but Outsystems seems to want to route the call via the internet, resulting in the firewall returning an error 502 as the url does not have a dns entry.

What underlying mechanism does Outsystems when it makes a REST call?