[FullScreenWaitSpinner] Not Showing in iOS Over a Popup Widget

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Published on 2018-11-18 by Daniel Martins
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Published on 2018-11-18 by Daniel Martins


I am using this plugin. Thanks.

I am using popup widgets to show a select list of records to select one from. The popup is opened from a screen with an edit form in it. There are two such lists which can have thousands of records. So I have to load and display a few until the user scrolls to the bottom of the list. Then I have to append more to the displayed list. These append and render actions take more than a second, especially on some older devices. So I display the FullScreenWaitSpinner with the message 'Loading more...'.

This works fine on Android devices, but not on iOS devices. Can you please see what is the issue and fix it.

NOTE: I am also using this plugin in another place in the same app and it works fine there both for Android and iOS.

Hi Ali,

I am sorry to know that you are experiencing some issues.

I was not able to replicate the issue, could you please share a sample eSpace where the issue occurs?

Thank you for your attention.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Please find attached a solution where I have tried to mimic roughly what I am doing in my app. I have tested it in an Android device and it is working as expected. I could not test in on my iPad because I did not have the certificate readily available. I will procure one and test hopefully tomorrow.

Please tap on the 'Bootstrap Clients Data' button to load some clients in the local database.

To test the app, please click on the row below 'Number' input field. It would open the Clients list in the popup. Then scroll the clients and you should see the wait spinner saying 'Loading More...' while appending more clients records to the list.


Hi Ali,

Please find attached your sample eSpace modified.

I simplified the logic just to show the spinner:

  • On main Page - when date changes 
  • On Pop-up/modal - when button is pressed

I have tested with iOS and in both situations and works fine. Nevertheless, I was never able to see the spinner in the logic that you implemented with the scroll, probably is something wrong with your logic but I didn't investigate further.

Hope it helps you,

Best regards


Additionally find attached a video showing the spinner working on a iOS device in the parent and also on pop-up/modal page.