Sending an email with attachment(Excel xlsx format) MOBILE ONLY

Hi i having difficulties to create an function to send an email with attachment for excel xlsx format. I have lookup on many email API's For Mobile. Please help out! Cheers

Is this the same issue as you've asked about here:


If so, be aware that posting the same question to multiple areas of the forum probably won't get you an answer faster, and can make it harder for people to help, and to find answers later on.

To help you better, when asking a question, please be specific about what you've tried so far (for example, are you using a Forge component, what steps have you used in trying to troubleshoot or solve your issue), any error messages you are getting, etc.

The more information you provide on your goal, and what you've tried, the more likely it is that you will get a useful answer.

Hi Chua,

Look at this post, maybe will help you with email with attachment, it's for web, but works on Mobile too.

Best regards