We have just started using OS 11. Favicon no longer works.

I created new We App from TopMenu Template. I have tried everything to get the favicon to show up in the browser tab for our page, but it just refuses to. The template comes out with a favicon.png already present in resources. I changed this resource to have my company's logo, and it is showing up in the ServiceStudio view. It does not load for the page in the browser though, I then also added a call to the "AddFaviconTag" in the Menu Preparation, but it also does not help.

Anybody know how I can get the Favicon to show in the page tab in Chrome please?

Hi Elize,

Try to load your browser console (CTRL+SHIFT+I) to see if your anything is blocking the loading of your resource image file.

Kind regards,


Hi Nordin,

Thanks, but I have already done that, no blocking in Chrome Inspector.

Hi Nordin,

Although I ahve already checked what just suggest before, it did make me do another check, I double checked in inspector and check the exact the link for the favicon.png image and it is the correct path to the favicon.png, when I enter this link in the browser it gives me the red OutSystems "O" icon. Here is screenshot. While in ServiceStudio on that resource I can see my icon, I think it is cached, I think I ahve to delete my browser history to fix this.

Hi Elize,

Clearing your browser cache is definitely something you should try. 

Or try to load the page via a New Incognito Window in Chrome.

Ctrl-F5 might also do the trick.