Created a public mobile app but the system ask me to login put password

I have created a public mobile app.

and I have set all the forms to "Anonymous"

But when I try to scan the QR code and open the app from "OutSystem Now" from my phone. it keeps open the login page.

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When you read a QRCode, you need to login like as you do in the Service Studio, because you will access all espaces.


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Now I know what is the problem.

before I can access the mobile app with the "Outsystem now" and the value of the QR code is 

in this format "https://vhis.host.com/PreviewInDevices/?IsMobilePreview=True&DeviceName=Smartphone&URL=/VHISCustomer/Home?_ts=636863491287049511"

But not it's changed t0 "https://vhis.host.com/NativeAppBuilder/App?Name=VHIS"

Anyone know how to change it back or is it related to I have generated the apk?