BPT and Custom User Provider?

I tried BPT with module using custom user provider, and taskbox not showed.

Any chance we can use BPT with custom user provider?


Hi Harlin,

please check is you have ECT_Taskbox role added in your custom user provider.



Did you meant I need to add Administrator (EPA_Taskbox) to all users in custom user provider?

Because custom user provider is an espace...

And I find it strange to have "Administrator (EPA Taskbox)" role to all users in my custom user provider.

Hi Harlin,

EPA_Taskbox can only be bound to a single user provider in a factory. In this case the Users.  So, it will only work if you are using the Users as a provider for your app.

You have two alternatives to do that:

1. Set Users as your user provider and define a new tenant for your app. So, your users will be running in a separate tenant and you will be able to run EPA_Taskbox as is.

2. Create a custom taskbox, to support your custom user provider.

Best regards

Fabio Fantato


Thanks, I will try that.