Showing records specific to the users in table format

Hi All,

I have a leave application. Requirement is to show the leaves applied by the specific user. Can some one please let me know the condition I need to configure to show the leave details applied by specific user. I tried with changing filter etc., but did not work. Where do I need to make the changes.

I have created employee table and leave details table entities.



Hi Sai Charan, 

You will have to place the condition like " Source Table. Leave applied by = GetUserId()" . This will help you to fetch the leaves applied by the current user. If you want to specify a particular name and filter, then filter the source table as, source table.leaveappliedBy= employeename. Hope this helps. Detailed filter information can be given once we have your oml, to know the exact attribute and entity names in place .

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