Active Tenant for inactive (i.e. deleted) Espace

Hi All,

does somebody know how it can be that I have active tenants for inactive (deleted) espaces?

Best regards,

Jeroen Vormer

Hi Jeroen,

It's two different concepts, the tenant gives you data isolation, it's like if you provide the same base code to different clients/companies.

If for some reason you delete one module it doesn't mean you want to delete the client/company.

Hope this help.


What do you by active? It's marked as active in the system entities?

Well, it's possible to have tenants (or any other language elements) marked as active on the database even after the modules are deleted, but they are not really active since there is a hierarchy. Deleting a module only sets the module as inactive but all related children metadata (like the tenant) is treated as inactive.

What are you trying to do? Is it giving any problems?


João Rosado

Hi João,

trying to delete old inactive (deleted) espaces, but because of a link to an active tenant, the espace cannot be deleted.